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Content MarketingCopywriting & EditingStrategy – Producing Resources that Map to Personas and Industries to Support Sales

When I came on board to we didn’t have enough resources to support the goal of increasing web traffic and conversions. In the first few months I performed a content audit and mapped back to personas. has three key audiences: technical, semi-technical/high level, and business – which roughly translates to the following (in order):

1) Developers
2) IT managers or tech saavy business people
3) Marketers or people in sales, finance, or human resources. Each required their own content.

Throughout the first year I worked to garner case studies, source reports, interview company thought leaders and ghostwrite articles, create data sheets that helped explain our offerings, produce blog posts, videos, and other short forms of social media. l also launched a webinar program that remains our highest lead generation device to date. Additionally I added a demos section to automate part of the customer journey. Each content type maps back to a persona.

Under my leadership and direction, we created the resource center, time in the site increased 200% and the bounce rate dropped 10%. Content increased from two case studies, two reports, one white paper, and three blueprints to a fully formed center (nine case studies, four white papers, four reports, seven data sheets, six webinars, one demo and three updated blueprints, and 100 articles and blog posts ) in August 2017, with more in the pipeline.

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