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Content MarketingCopywriting & EditingInterviewStrategy – Getting Around Busy Schedules by Ghostwriting to Lift Brand Recognition had three products within its business suite, essentially translated to having a lot of mixed messages. While it tried to focus on its flagship product (iPaaS: integration Platform-as-a-Service), much of the market didn’t understand what iPaaS was, let alone its value. In addition, the architects of the products had amazing insight into the products' potential, but they had very little time to create content. Despite this challenge, getting information from the source and out into the world was a critical part of solving the problem.

As part of the content strategy, I launched a campaign to elevate our internal figure heads as thought leaders with the goal of getting a lift in brand recognition and share of voice. To achieve this, we had to focus on high level thinking. Often, we took a step back from what our service did and talked about our approach to architecture to help deliver key messaging. 

I led a content surge and because it was challenging to work with competing schedules, interviewed and ghost wrote several articles and blog posts to support the program. I partnered with PR to help get the content placed, which in turn increased quality backlinks, resulting in a lift in referral traffic. 

Here are some articles I produced, wrote, and/or edited:

How to architect the world's most connected arenas



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